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Our mission is to bring free, and engaging, computer science education to the world. We believe that higher education will better the world, and computer science is key to this change. We want to present these topics in a EASY to understand way such that anyone interested in Computer Science could understand.

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About Us It's Nice to Meet You!

Hello and welcome to everything computer science (ECS) ! We want to connect with people and connect those people with information. We feel that an education in technology is important, especially in todays day and age where computers are everywhere, from our homes to our offices, to our phones. Understanding how computers work can be very beneficial in the work place and having an education in the fields of IT, Computer Engineering, or Computer Science can open doors for you. Areas of computer science include programming, software engineering, information theory, algorithms, databases and graphics.The purpose of this website is to give understanding of Computer Science (CS) in a simple and easy to understand way. We provide video lessons, books, PDF's, and sample programs gathered from all over the interenet to make it easy to learn about Computer Science, and it is all FREE ! Be sure to check the youtube channels randerson112358 and compsci112358

Rodney Anderson President

Hello I am the web designer of this website, and the president of this organization.

Chris Richardson Vice President

Hi I am responsible for finding fun and informative information about Computer Science !

Jessica Cole Recruiter

Hey ! I am in charge of finding excellent programmers to give good code examples for our viewers.

Mike Jhaleti Web Master

Hello, I am in charge of maintaining this website, and keeping the information up to date !

Thomas James Programmer

Hello, I am a developer for this website, and have a strong background in algorithms.

Jonathan Byrd Programmer

Hi ! I am a code monkey !


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